The Struggle is REAL

Yes it is!

This coming Friday I am hosting my first Girl Talk Art Party.. a little party with a much greater purpose. I want to take this time to let you in on what we’re doing and why.

Girl Talk is something we need more of.. a real, transparent, fun environment. A safe place. I felt a nudge to open my home for these first few parties and invite you in. My desire is for you to come and breathe.. relax, create and talk. There is healing when we talk.. relationships grow and we learn from others. I welcome you to leave topic suggestions in the comments below..image

Along with creating I will also be sharing my favorite things and tips for you. You may just leave not only with your art but a recipe card or ideas for something new.

Most importantly I will share with you the one tool that gives me hope..significance and joy! I can’t wait to share and meet YOU!

Reserve your spot now for our second event.. Feb.23

(under catalogue tab)

Creativity is such a part of who we are.. God designed us that way. We are all creative in one fashion or another. πŸ’—

xo Kris

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