Friday Favs and a few tips from my Mama

Three favorites this week and a talk with my Mama..I’ll start with her…❤️0787CE26-C55B-48BB-801E-F9F5BD636C327DBE94AB-05EE-40DC-A868-76D7F171D63A

I’m always asking my Mom and she’s mostly always right. She’s taught me everything I know.. from making homemade biscuits and cornbread to beauty secrets. I’m so happy she took the time to teach me so much!

She turns 70 this year and her skin is flawless.. So I asked her..

tip#1- When I asked her about wrinkles, skincare and products.. “I use Aquaphor around my eyes at night.”  (What? Ok I can do that). “ I wash my face with Aveeno skin brightening scrub.. and that’s it.” Seriously.. I was expecting a list.. Find it

tip#2 “I use a brightening bronzer on my cheekbones that I love, it’s from MAC and I use it everyday for a little glow” I actually bought this recently and I must say it’s now a favorite of mine too! 🙂  I will link it here

tip#3 – make up tip.. “LESS IS MORE..ALWAYS!  I think this applies to a lot of things….” AGREE.. she modeled this well and continues to. She also taught us some great rules about the mirror.. I don’t ever remember her gazing at herself a million times a day… she just got ready, re applied lipstick when needed and moved on. I love that about her!

There is so much more I could share from her..  I’m saving it for later! 🙂 stay tuned..

My three FAVORITES this week..

1- Favorite mascara.. Its a steal for 8.99. I feel like I have tried them all..  but this one HANDS DOWN .. find it here

2-HAIR..  ok so we do not all have the same hair, or texture but this magic not only works on my thicker, coarse hair but also on my sister who’s hair is more fine. A little goes a long way but it is my very favorite.. check your local salons. The good stuff

3- A great fitting pant.. you know when you find a good one you want to get all the colors? On sale this week..  RIGHT HERE I LOVE these pants. I have black, navy and yellow and they do not disappoint! A little stretch but not so much that they grow the more you wear them… that drives me crazy. These hit at such a cute place on the ankle which allows for flats or heels.. One more look..Here The navy and pink are perfect for Spring!

Serioulsy.. thanks for stopping by. I enjoy sharing.. 💗







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