myblunest… why the change?

My sister gave maybe the best -word- i think I’ve ever been told.. I think the reason it resonated within me is I knew it was true.

She said this..”The only person standing in your way…is you!”  Ouch!  Maybe I’ll blame it on my enneagram type..

For the longest time I have wanted to offer more than art on my Instagram/ Blog etc. Fear has held me back, “What will people think?”  “They all are laughing at you…”  all. those.thoughts. Quite honestly I am a professional -nothing -but I have lots of other interest, art is just one of them. God has used art and continues to in my life. I’m not giving it up, I love painting! I’m just stepping over my insecurities and incorporating more things that I enjoy. Ive dabbled in it here and there but until I commit there will always be an easy way out.

Instagram has been somewhat of a struggle for me. Unless you have over a few thousand followers you are really considered “dead”. This is my second dance with Insta. I deleted my first account out of sheer obedience. Ill explain that another day.. After a period of time I felt the freedom to start all over, and I did.  I’ve learned a-lot about myself through this process and a lot about God. He doesn’t need my instagram account to sale my art. I actually sold more art than ever last year with only a whopping 450 followers! It is His, not mine.

Do I crave popularity? No. Popularity is deceitful. We can all go back in our minds to high school and understand that.

Do I want to be noticed?  No. I just love sharing what i love, find and enjoy. If it helps you..  then its a win for me!

What will this change look like? I have no idea! 😂 I am taking it day by day, baby steps.

Am I trying to make this my profession? A part of me says yes and the other says no. No is the fear. Honestly,  Things have shifted a little in my personal life(which at some point I pray I can share with you) which has challenged me go after ..IT.

So I say all this to say.. I would appreciate your support, but if it isn’t your thing, please don’t judge me. God knows my heart and He knows the whys and the secret reasons. I am ready to tackle this once school starts.. For now, i will enjoy these last few weeks with my crew.

What will I be sharing? Every. Thing. from new art and the process, shopping, recipes, Sunday lunches at home(because you can), to my favorite beauty products……Me on a budget.  And what I enjoy.. because at 45, it’s time.