A few of my favorite things

Hi! Recently I became an Amazon Affiliate which means I will earn a small percentage of anything you purchase through me with recommended items. Please be patient with me as I am learning to navigate but I love the opportunity.

The shoes – maybe the most comfortable I have in my closet. They are very versatile and love wearing them with dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans. Worth every penny.

Second, this outdoor table cloth caught my eye immediately. I needed a couple for an outdoor table and never even knew they made them for tables with the umbrella hole . The pattern was perfect and added a special touch to our outdoor space.

Then, the purse. I wanted something cute and functional without all the bulk for date nights, church etc. This one is exactly what I was looking for with the Chanel dupe vibe. I love it and it serves its purpose.

Cole Haan Women’s CLOUDFEEL Espadrille Sandal, Soft Gold Metallic Leather/Natural Jute, 5.5


A Few of my favorite things

I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

The Burning Bush

God said to Moses, “I AM Who I Am.” This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am’ has sent me to you…. “This is my name forever the name you shall call me from generation to generation.” Exodus 3:14-15

Can you imagine God calling your name from a burning bush? 

God speaks. He still speaks even today. As Mark Batterson writes in his book, “Whisper”,

“God’s ability to speak in signs is limitless. It can be as obvious as a burning bush, as strange as Balaam’s donkey or as subtle as a whisper.”


That is the name of God we are to remember eternally, forever.

It represents the fullness of who He is and who He will always be.

He is the Great I AM and He is constantly working and moving on our behalf. Experiencing Him is our greatest JOY! 

He is all that we will ever need. 

He is enough! 

He is our Savior, Healer, Friend, Redeemer, Comforter, Mighty Warrior…

“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you;in his love he will no longer rebuke you,but will rejoice over you with singing.”♥️

Zephaniah 3:17


“But He knows the way that I take, when He has tested me, I will come forth
as gold.”   Job 10:23

I love all the layers and colors represented in this weeks painting.  Every layer telling 
a story, maybe my story or your story.  
As we are learning ~ Nothing is ever wasted, ~ God uses everything for our good and
His glory. EVERYTHING!!  Those HARD  days, the HEAVY days, the days we just don’t
understand. Yes, I know I have walked through some of those days and I am certain you 
have, too. Maybe, even today?
The encouragement today is given to us in God’s Word.  God knows the path you’re 
walking. He will not neglect you or leave you alone. He is with you, holding you and everything in your path is filtered through His hands. Rest in that Peace. You are never alone.
Secondly, you will come forth as gold. The trials and testing that we face, as difficult
and painful as they might be are used as a purifying tool. God will refine, shape, and
mold us to be more like Jesus. I know these times can be hard and painful, but my sweet friend,
youwill come forth like gold.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”            Jeremiah 29:11


Have you ever allowed your circumstances to dictate your feelings? I believe this is exactly what happened to Jacob after he thought he had lost his son Joseph. He was discouraged and hopeless, bitter and had lost all hope. (Genesis 45:25-28)
What he didn’t know is that Joseph was very much alive and once the truth broke into his heart scripture says, “his heart was revived.”  Proverbs 13:12 says “hope deferred makes the heart sick.” That is exactly what was happening to Jacob and it happens to me and you all the time!  As we travel along our path, it is vital to fix our eyes on Him and allow Him to strengthen our heart as you journey. Even when things look bleak, there is always Hope in Jesus! 
“Things are never as they appear. Hope, therefore, cannot be based on circumstances and people but in the Living God. Iva May

 “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait on the LORD; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say on the LORD!” (Psalm 27:13-14).
Creating as I read through the Bible, chronologically #3.

Holding On

So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.” The sun rose above him as he passed Peniel,and he was limping because of his hip. Genesis 32:30

Hold On

~I bet he never fully forgot that place. The hills, the terrain, the colors, the breeze, the smell in the air.  The place where he wrestled with God, refused to let go and then got a brand new name.  

What are you holding on to God for? Are you weary from praying, tired of asking? I truly believe God loves it when we hold on in persistent faith. May I encourage you JUST. KEEP. HOLDING . ON.  Keep praying, Keep asking! Then- we He shows up and does what ONLY He can do, you will remember the place, the bursting of your heart, the tears that cry out in utter praise! He is WORTHY- ABLE and WILLING! Keep holding on!

🤍 Nothing is ever wasted with God

~God did not want to change Jacob so He could love him—He loved Jacob in order to change him.  Whew- let that sink in a minute. 

“Why did God love Jacob? Pay attention, because it’s the same reason God loves you. God did not love Jacob for what he was, but for what He knew He could make out of him. In spite of all of his faults, Jacob had a heart for God. God broke him so that he could bless him. “ Adrian Rogers 

🤍 an artist fun fact- I created this piece before I even knew what God wanted me to share. It was clear where He was leading after reading this passage on Wednesday. Last night I decided to google Peniel and found the attached picture and it left me a little in awe. Although mine is modernized in an abstract way, the colors and shapes were similar. My favorite was the lavender/ pink in the flower. God was so good to confirm this in my heart 

(a heart…a girl who often doubts herself)

…in such a sweet way. 💜 I hope you were encouraged today! 
January 15,2021

Trust without Borders

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders….” Trusting in the God who sees- I loved this reminder this week as I am reading through the Bible chronologically. A few highlights for me-
-Trusting in God instead of ourselves

  • God always keeps His promise
    -God is good
    -His Word is true
    -A period of waiting often follows a promise from God
    -“God calls us who we will be, not who we are because he sees the end from the beginning”… @donnadgaines (Loved this and thought you might to)♥️

Colors and Emotions

31DDAF5E-E994-4561-A2BC-38749ED11926Recently, I began to study colors and the emotions that correspond to each one. I was somewhat surprised in that my dominant color and my accent color say so much about me. For example, my accent color is all the orange hues. I am drawn to that color. I also, at times, lack courage and confidence… hmmm.. just being real! My dominant colors are blue/ navy….Tranquility and security make me feel safe and taken care of. Which also fits so well with my enneagram type-7. I mean..🤓


As we decorate our homes and choose colors it is so important that we choose what we love, what appeals to us. What makes someone else happy, may not have the same affect on you! 🙂 BE YOU!

Taking it one step further I thought about hospitality. I love opening up my home. My Mom modeled it for me and my sister as far back as I can remember. She did it all with such ease and grace. She could put a meal together in no time flat and somehow pull off a great night, most often on a moments notice.  Our homes do not have to be perfect for us to be hospitable. We just need to be willing!! Something special happens around the table, something that touches the heart.

Adding the elements of color to brighten and enhance your space is just another way to love on your guest. Color speaks.. at least thats what I have been learning.

Art is an extension of you. Buy what you love.. something that speaks to your heart. Bonus- ART DOES NOT NEED TO PERFECTLY MATCH YOUR SPACE!  It enhances..


Heres my top three decorating/art tips.. I do not claim to have all the answers but through trial and error these three have worked for me.

1- start with a  neutral pallet.. if your not sure white is good. (Color and texture is added with pillows, rugs, art, etc.)

2-Never start with a piece of art. Purchase art to compliment a space. Use art to tie a space together or bring an unexpected element. Sometimes this may introduce a new color that is not in your original plan. This is good! Just a touch.. 🙂

3. Purchase art that evokes an emotion/feeling. This could be a painting of a place, a favorite or memory. Abstracts are most certainly a conversation starter… they bring color as well as emotion.. Buy with your eyes..and your heart.


So interesting!!! I cant wait to hear what you think! Here is what I have learned..

Ps/every room needs a touch of black.. (sophistication)

Blue- tranquility, security, integrity, peace, loyalty, trust.

Turquoise- healing, protection, sophisticated

Green- fresh, new, healing, earth

Yellow- sunny, bright, energetic, happy, perky, joy.

Orange- courage, confidence, friendliness, success

Red- love, passion, energy, power, strength

Tan- dependable, flexible, conservative

Brown- friendly, conservative, longevity

Purple- royalty, luxury, ambition, wealth

Pink- healthy, happy, feminine, sweet, playful

Silver- glamorous, sleek, graceful

Gold- wisdom, prosperity, valuable

Gray- security, reliable, solid

White- goodness, purity, fresh, clean, innocence

Black- protection, elegance, classy, formal, sophistication

Bring a tired bedroom back to life..

062C2DE3-045D-48ED-9711-2072307DC884Recently, I wanted to freshen up my bedroom without spending too much. Call it Spring Fever.. just needed a fresh look.

If you know me at all, then you know I love finding a good deal and I pride myself on the whole “look for less” thing.

first- Revere Pewter for walls! WIN

I wanted to keep my off white coverlet but change pillows and accessories. Changing pillows is HUGE…

I ended up finding three Euro pillows at Homegoods as well as two gray lumbar pillows. These were perfect and gave me the “clean” look I was going for.  The euro pillows were $24.99 each and the lumbars were 12.99. I added a gray throw at the foot of the bed to complete it.

Lamps came from Hobby Lobby 50% off and they are my very favorite! I love the metal base. Both lamps $80.. 🙌🏻

They went perfectly with a piece of art I was working on.. I wanted to keep it somewhat neutral and simple. When choosing art for a master bedroom I have three tips..

1-The bedroom is a retreat, a place for relaxation and the artwork should reflect that.

2-The best walls for art in the bedroom are directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. Large scale pieces are best and should be hung at eye level. Look for abstract pieces with soothing colors or tones.

3- Remember its his room too.. fight the urge to be girly.. save that for your wardrobe. THIS is why I love and chose abstract art for our wall. Makes a statement without challenging his man card. 😉21DC048D-C3B9-4D80-AFB2-CC28C91323EC

BD1C9365-C528-45F3-AC18-58AE487BD259Enjoy your day!